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Cute Tabby Kitten Wallpaper

Cute Tabby Kitten Wallpaper

Cute Tabby Kitten Wallpaper showcases a domestic cat with a characteristic mark that looks like an “M” on its forehead. A Tabby is not a breed of cat . Tabby denotes the pattern of the coat. One tabby pattern is the Mackerel pattern, with vertical stripes on the cat’s side. A second tabby pattern is the Classic pattern, AKA Blotched or Marbled, with dark browns or blacks or gray. The Spotted pattern makes the stripes look like spots. Another tabby pattern is the Ticked pattern, with striped fur that produces a salt and pepper appearance. Wild cats such as tigers and leopards have tabby patterned coats. This coat is useful as a camouflage hiding the cats from predators.

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