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Table Mountain Cable Car Sunset Wallpaper

Table Mountain Cable Car Sunset Wallpaper

Table Mountain Cable Car Sunset Wallpaper is undoubtedly an impressive sight. Table Mountain, located in Cape Town, South Africa has been named one of the world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature. This iconic landmark has always had a mystery and attraction for being the flattest mountain in the world. Traveling to the top of this mountain was never easy until 1929 when the Table Mountain Cableway opened. Cape Town Mountain’s cable cars are a fantastic way to experience the sunset and breathtaking panoramic views.

Bradley van der Westhuizen was kind enough to allow me to share this stunning photo titled “Cable Car Station on Table Mountain.” It is to be used solely for personal use as a desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone background. The copyright of this gorgeous photo belongs to Bradley and should you want to purchase this image; please contact him at [email protected]. It is indeed easy to see Bradley is passionate about photography!

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To get Table Mountain Cable Car Sunset Wallpaper for your desktop background, choose the size and click to download it. On a PC, right-click the photo, and then select Set as Background. On a Mac, right-click the image (enable two-finger clicking), after that, select Use Image as Desktop Picture. If you are setting this image as the background of your iPad or iPhone, you will want to save the image to your photos. At the bottom of your device, look for the square icon with an arrow facing up and click it. Choose Save Image. Open the photos app, and the picture should appear as the last one. Tap on it to open, then tap on the square icon in the lower left corner. Choose Use as Wallpaper.

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