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NYC Pigeons View Wallpaper

NYC Pigeons View Wallpaper

NYC Pigeons View Wallpaper spotlights a large bird atop the Empire State building. A pigeon is one of the most intelligent birds in the world. It has the ability to recognize its own reflection in a mirror. It can also recognize all the letters in the English alphabet. Pigeons have many purposes. They were used as messengers as early as the fifth century carrying messages between Persia and Syria. Their valuable contribution during WWI and WWII saved many lives. They carried messages across enemy lines. Pigeon poop was considered to be a potent fertilizer for farmyards in Europe in the 16th century. In modern day, pigeons are trained to save human lives at sea. The pigeons can identify red or yellow life jackets floating in the water. This bird’s eye view is a great advantage!

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