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Manul Cat HD Wallpaper

Manul Cat HD Wallpaper

Manul Cat HD Wallpaper features a small cat AKA Pallas Cat. Its extremely fluffy fur makes this cat appear much bigger than it is. It has a flat, round face. The eyes are different than other cats because the pupils contract into small circles instead of vertical slits. Manul cats are loners. They prefer cold, dry conditions. The males and females scent mark their domain. Manul cats do not run very fast. They ambush or stalk their prey. Then they hide in the crevices of rocky terrain!

Free Manul Cat HD Wallpaper to personalize your Computer Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Galaxy S5, LG G3, HTC, Windows, iPhone, and all Smartphone Backgrounds. Our most popular HD Resolutions include 1024 x 768, and 2048 x 1536. Download Manul Cat HD Wallpaper from the available HD resolutions. If you can not find the exact resolution you are looking for, choose the higher wallpaper size. Your device should adjust the image to fit your screen. Enjoy and check back as new images are loaded every day!

To get Manul Cat HD Wallpaper for your desktop background, choose the size and click to download it. On a PC, you can right-click the image, and then choose Set as background. On a Mac, right-click the image (enable two finger clicking), and choose Use image as desktop picture.

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