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Creepy Tarantula Wallpaper

Creepy Tarantula Wallpaper

Creepy Tarantula Wallpaper spotlights a large spider with eight spooky legs and a terrifying huge hairy body. But this eerie looking arachnid is quite harmless except for a bite not even as painful as a bee sting. They have a unique ability to regenerate legs they have lost. To ensnare their prey, tarantulas spin a line of silk, used as a tripwire which signals an approaching object. They grab the prey with their legs and inject a paralyzing venom, then kill them with their strong fangs. Tarantulas produce a special digestive enzyme which liquefies the prey’s body for quick digestion. A tarantula can then eat enough in one sitting to last for a month! We should investigate this special enzyme. It could cure obesity!!

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